How do i find rides/trips?

On the Home screen you will see a map with icons pinned where users are starting their trips off. One icon is a car indicating that someone has a car and wants passengers, another is a person icon indicating a ride request. Please note that these are just departure info and that people or cars are not necessarily there.

You can filter these trips and requests by tapping the funnel icon in the top right corner of the screen. You will need to provide what type of trip (request or offer), to and from where(provinces). Tap filter to apply.

You can offer a ride or request a trip by tapping the relevant icon on top of the screen.Before doing this please ensure your profile is complete enough i.e you have a valid phone number.

How does offering a lift work?

Offer Lift, means you have a car and need passengers. You will need to provide a departure & destination address, please provide a city/town and try to keep it more general (don't give out your residential address). Provide a future date & time, how much space(seats) you're offering, add a comment, accepts our Ts & Cs and then offer lift. It will be added to the home screen immediately.

How does requesting a lift/ride work?

Request Lift - this means you a hiker and need a ride. You will need to provide a destination & departure address, please provide a city/town and try to keep it more general. Provide a future date & time, how much space(seats) you need, indicate if you have big bags, add a comment, accept our T's & C's and then request the lift. It will be added to the home screen immediately.

How do i view my trips?

On the "My Trips" page, this will now move under open trips. Please remember to close it if you get enough passengers or get a ride or mark it as complete when you've reached your destination.

How do i view more details about a trip?

To view more info on trips on the app simply tap any and more details will be shown. Here you can how many passengers are on it already. NB. If the trip is yours, you can cancel and it this will delete this trip and cannot be reversed.

Can i make changes to my trips?

On the trip detail page, you can mark your trip as closed if you have got the enough passengers or a ride to where you going. This means the trip is closed to more people joining and it won’t be shown in the map. On the My Trips page, this will now move under upcoming trips. Please remember to mark it as complete when done. Mark as complete, this indicates a trip is done and will be stored in your history.

On the trip detail page, you can request to join, a notification will be sent. Once they respond, you will be notified. a call button will be visible for you to contact the driver and discuss further.

What if i see a request and i want to offer to drive?

On this page if a trip is a request and you're going in the same direction, you can request to drive on the trip, this will send them a notification and they will either accept or decline your request.

Is all of this safe/secure?

Safety is a major concern for us and our users on the app, that's why we've put in measures to make you we have authentic people using our app, with that said, you're profile picture has to be from your camera (selfie), also, you're requred to upload a photo of your original ID Card/Book (this is just to verify your identity and this photo will never be shared or be viewed by anyone). we don't end it there, you also need to verify your phone number via our in-app OTP verification mechanism. This is an extra security measure to enforce authenticity. Once all this info is verified, you can then start offering and requesting rides.

We also urge users to Rate and Review other users after each completed trip. This helps others to make safe decisions in choosing your trip mates.

Navigating the app

All pages are accessible through the menu, the menu is accessible by tapping menu icon in the top left corner. On the menu are links to all other pages, Profile, notifications, My trips Settings etc.